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Review: 'Black Bombers'
'Vol 4'   

-  Label: 'Easy Action Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '5.4.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'EARS138'

Our Rating:
The Black Bombers follow in the tradition of bands calling albums Vol 4 in tribute to a certain bunch of brummies, but unlike the last band I reviewed with an album called Vol 4 Bunnygrunt, the Black Bombers stop short of re-using the artwork for Black Sabbath's magnum opus.

But of course, Black Bombers do keep to the biker rock ethic you'd expect of this bunch of Brummie reprobates that include Darren Birch and Dave Twist with Alan Byron completing this Biker rock Power trio.

The 6 track 10" single kicks off with the low-slung biker rock of Day After Day that see's them opening up the motor and cruising around the bullring looking for a little bit of love as her eyes shine like Diamonds it's almost like they want to be the missing link between the Stooges and Dumpy's Rusty Nuts but really it's just another classic biker rock anthem to start shaking your head too, best played the louder the better.

Relentless is as forceful as it needs to be as they spit out their creed that they just need to keep going and no matter how much they disagree with you they will still relentlessly pursue you even if it is only to shout that there's no answers here. The Bass really motors to keep this machine on the road just about as they hit 60 on a 30 mile and hour road approaching a tight turn as they fly back up or do they.

The A side closes with the stooge like rumble of Animals 'n' Cages a frantic rumble that has Alan's angry yelped vocals sound a bit Monster Magnet as they emphasize how deep in the malaise we are right now it sounds desperate both musically and lyrically a great brawler.

The B-side opens with the low-down growl of Gnarly like they are revving up an old Norton or BSA ready to head off into the Black Country for a proper rumble of a tune that would get a group of Dumpy's Rusty Nuts fans dancing in a circle to it.
This is a great head shaking instrumental that owes a debt to Dick Dale or is it Link Wray probably both of them, it has a good snarl to it.

Sometimes is a plea for escape from the darkness so to speak yelped at us by Alan Byron as the guitars go off screaming round a hairpin bend or two as the fight he's having with someone unfolds over the raging guitars and steady insistent drumming.

The 10" closes with a deep dark down and dirty biker rock take on the Green On Red Classic Hair Of The Dog that you need to own the record for if like me you've loved this song since about 1985 or so. This is so meaty like they've been on a week-long bender crashed out for 5 hours and have woken in need of some help of the kind you need a dirty guitar solo for as it sounds as if it's the bands calling to sing this live while everyone raises a glass in the air to them a great version that I am already happy to sit and play over and over again and yes the bands own description of it being a cross between Blue Cheer and Crazy Horse is in there too for sure.

Find out more at www.easyactionrecords.co.uk www.facebook.com/BlackBombers150
  author: simonovitch

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