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'Change The World'   

-  Genre: 'Dance'

Our Rating:
‘Change The World’ is the first collaboration between D3FAI, reputedly one of Argentinia’s hottest emerging producers, and Dutch electronic music artist Nathassia.

It was a full six years ago that Nathassia’s debut, ‘Cosmic’, landed, since which time she’s evolved immensely, and moreover, she’s spread her reach beyond wat seemed imaginable at the time. Even then, though, her cross-cultural and international appeal was clear, and her evolving career has only proved this to be true.

If ‘Change The World’ is built on the tropes of late 90s and turn of the millennium club music, it does so with a real Hi-NRG beat-driven focus. Nathassia’s vocals are melodic and still carry the unique exotic twist that defines her style, and the bottom line is that with its relentlessly pulsating bass and beats, it’s a true banger, with a sincere and significant sentiment, and a tone that suggests hope.

The remixes aren’t bad either: the Alex Gaudino & Teo Mandrelli Remix is pretty standard dancefloor-friendly-fodder, but the layered-up vocals in the quieter sections are neatly done, and of course, it’s all about the drop… Meanwhile, the Special Tee & Andreas Fox Remix goes a shade deeper, with a heavily-processed, low-oscillating bass, busy beats, and some light piano detail that’s not quite Chicago house but certainly evokes that vibe.

Keeping it succinct is a deal here: no extended drum / bass workouts. The original and remixes are equally nicely done, and it’s got all the groove. Get down... and maybe, together, we can actually change the world.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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