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'Interview (November 2012)'   

-  Genre: 'Pop'

Ace French popsters TAHITI 80 first inveigled their way onto the W&H radar back in 2003 with their rather sublime 'Wallpaper For The Soul' LP. Incredibly, 2012 marks their 20th annniversary and their recent single 'Escalator' shows they've done anything but lose their touch. It's no wonder they continue to be Big in Japan, then.

In perhaps the most surreal interview we've ever posted on W&H, we ask frontman Xavier Boyer about all the important things in life. Perhaps if he would be so kind to go over to the window to start off with...

W&H: Go to the nearest window, tell me what you see?

XB: "An old lady washing her dishes."

W&H: Go to the nearest drinks cabinet, tell me what you see?

XB: "Red wine and rum."

W&H: You gotta car? What kind of car are you driving?

XB: "I don't drive, but it would be a Citroën Bx (my initials)."

W&H: Name some of your favourite inventions?

XB: "Steam, vinaigrette and suitcases with four wheels."

W&H: Go to the nearest stereo. What music is it playing?

XB: "Kraftwerk."

W&H: Who is the best footballer you have played with?

XB: "Me. I'm a lion on the pitch."

W&H: Who is the best footballer you have played against?

XB: "I only play at family reunions, against young kids and old men. I win all the time. I sometimes make use of my physical skills (pushing them etc.) I'm my worst enemy, and therefore the best player I played against."

W&H: Is Sartre as difficult to understand in French?

XB: "Yes, indeed. Why? Because back in the day, people were clever."

W&H: Can you give us some tips on any up and coming French bands?

XB: "I'm not very excited about the French scene these days."

W&H: How will you be celebrating 20 years in the game, brother?

XB: "With a good after-show party."

W&H: Blues or jazz?

XB: "Jazz. But they're both the same, aren't they? Blues is primitive jazz, and jazz is sophisticated blues."

W&H: What do you think of Christine Lagarde?

XB: "She's doing well, even though she's been involved in several scandals. But she's a woman and her English is good."

W&H: Are blinds or curtains the way of things in continental Europe?

XB: "We use both. We're Catholics."

W&H: Do you like porridge and if so how do you like to eat it?

XB: "Preferably hot, for breakfast and in the winter time."

W&H: What is your favourite vegetable and do you have a recipe for it you would like to share?

XB: "Carrots. Cut into small cubes, add some olive oil, turmeric and garlic. Then pour some water over it, when the liquid has gone, it's ready to be served."

W&H: Have you got a silly question you would like to ask me?

XB: "Wasn't it supposed to be about the music?"

Tahiti 80 online

TAHITI 80 - Interview (November 2012)
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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