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WSR REDUX  : Lost In A Dream (EP)THE BLOOD TUB ORCHESTRA  : The Seven Curses Of The Music HallHIS NAME IS ALIVE  : Black WingsLOVE BIRDS, THE  : In The Lover's CornerFRIENDSHIP  : Ain't No ShameTIGER LILLIES, THE  : Corrido de la SangreCOHEN, GABRIELLA  : Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional LoveBRACKISH, THE  : Firm But FairMUDLOW  : Waiting For the Tide To Rise (Extended edition)EUREKA CALIFORNIA  : RoadrunnersLINQUA FRANQA  : Model MinorityAPRIL TOWERS  : Certified FreakyPORT CITIES  : Port CitiesCROCKETT, CHARLEY  : Loneliness As A ShadowBLACK LIGHT WHITE LIGHT  : HorizonsLIVE AT LEEDS 2018  : Live at Leeds 2018REV. SEKOU FT. LUTHER & CODY DICKINSON  : In Times Like TheseHALE, TOMMY & THE MAGNIFICENT BASTARDS  : Leytonstone, What's Cookin', 2 May 2018ARTIFICIAL WAVES  : Initial Link EPWREKMEISTER HARMONIES  : The Alone RushNIGHT FLOWERS  : Wild NotionMARY, ELLE & THE BAD MEN  : Constant Unfailing NightROSS, MIKE  : Jenny's PlaceMEADE, DANIEL  : When Was The Last TimeGOLD, ETHAN  : Live Undead Bedroom Closet CoversFFION, MARTHA  : Sunday BestJOYCE, SHANE  : The Sadness Of King JoyceULTIMATE PAINTING  : Up!MAJOR MURPHY  : No.1DEAD SOUTH, THE  : Illusion & DoubtLENKER, KORBY  : Thousand SpringsSMETANA TRIO  : London, Wigmore Hall, 29 April 2018KUT, THE  : Valley of ThornsVNDTA  : Pale Glow (EP)YOUNG VALLEY  : Young ValleyGWENNO  : Le KovBERARDELLI, CHIARA  : SeamonsterFOLK REMEDY, THE  : The Folk RemedyBOYTOY  : Night LeafDAVID SINCLAIR FOUR  : Sweet GeorginaURBAN VOODOO MACHINE, THE  : 15 Shots From The Urban Voodoo MachineGREEN PAJAMAS, THE  : Phantom Lake: Northern Gothic 3HER NAME IS CALLA  : The Dead Rift EPELESSAR  : Is This All We Are (EP)ROTHKO  : Blood Demands More BloodLAST GREAT DREAMERS/ BATH, DARRELL  : London, Camden, The Black Heart, 12 April 2018VARIOUS ARTISTS  : The Ballad of Shirley CollinsBURCH, ANNA  : Quit The CurseGAMMAGE, PHIL  : London, Kennington, Hotel Gurbington, 9 April 2018JOSH ROUSE  : Love In The Modern Age
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