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VLIMMER  : XIIIIIIIICONNY FRISCHAUF  : Die DriftLARRY MULLINS + MIKE WATT  : "1970" (Parts One + Two)JOE NORMAL & THE ANYTOWN'RS  : Stuck In A JobFRISCHAUF, CONNY  : Die DriftSPIZZENERGI  : Valentine’s DayISHANI  : Perfect LifeFALL, THE  : Live At St. Helens Technical College, '81JOHNSTON, JAMES / STEVE GULLICK  : We Travel TimeHILANG CHILD  : Every MoverSTORM THE PALACE  : Dream House (single)MAYONE, STEVE  : MayoneFALSE HEADS  : It’s All There But You’re DreamingPAWN SHOP SAINTS, THE  : Ordinary FolksTURKEY VULTURE  : Christmas ApartWATES, RUPERT  : LamentationsHONOLULU BLITZ  : Pale MoonDOWNES, S.J.  : The Lion's Path EPVOICES & STRINGS & TIMPANI  : Voices & Strings & TimpaniHOWL, JUSTIN  : WanderlustCONCANNON, LUKE  : Ecstatic Bird in the BurningBEARS IN TREES  : Keep Me Safe EPKÉREN  : In Form EPGHOST OF PAUL REVERE, THE  : Good At Losing EverythingME ND ADAM  : American Drip, Part1UNSEEN FAITH  : EvokeURLAUB IN POLEN  : All19TH STREET BAND, THE  : Diamond in the RoughLOVE-SONGS  : Nicht NichtTHEE HOLY BROTHERS  : My Name Is SparkleTARIVERDIEV, MIKAEL  : Visions In Black And WhiteLOST DOVES, THE  : Set Your Sights Towards The SunELECTRIC CINEMA, THE  : Animals + GodsAUTOCATALYTICA  : Powerclashing MaximalismNIGHTBLADE  : Ignorance Is BlissNIGHT TERROR  : Freak on The InsidePOM POKO  : CheaterLOS BRUJOS  : Alchemy EPSHANNON, JOY  : The CaveWOLVER  : Act I: It Starts With a BowKNIGHTRESS M1  : Dreams And DevastationBERLIN  : Strings AttachedANRIMEAL  : Could DivineSENSATIONAL COUNTRY BLUES WONDERS!, THE  : The World Will Break Your HeartSHE’S GOT SPIES  : HarashoDIRTY POWER  : NotionsOF1000FACES  : The Infinity LineLOUIS PHILIPPE & THE NIGHT MAIL  : ThundercloudsMADISYN WHAJNE  : Save Our HeartsWILLIAMS, A.A.  : Where is My Mind?
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