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Watch: 'Mad Kingship' by Live Skull + Tour Dates
07 February 2024

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Celebrating the release of their latest album 'Party Zero', this week Live Skull return to the EU and the UK kicking and screaming with protest songs and tales of the psychic dark side.

To coincide with the tour, the band has today released a video for album's track 'Mad Kingship'. Mark C explains: "Having lived through a mad would-be- kingship for four years and well aware of the fact that it could happen again, Live Skull is digging in with this video. When the world around us grows dark and foreboding, we navigate a way forward with equal amounts of apprehension and hope. Like driving between gigs late at night in unknown industrial territory. Ominous structures, flashes of light, abrupt changes of scenery splash across the windshield, as we drive on. Though the lyrics read, “we’re waiting, counting the days until the voice of reason goes silent,” we are not hanging passively, rather we’re charging ahead, riding riffs and beats that pulsate with the will to fight back!".

Watch the video for 'Mad Kingship' here:


Fri 09 February - Arci Bellezza - Milano, Italy
Sat 10 February - Bronson - Ravenna, Italy
Sun 11 February - Brin De Zinc - Chambery, France
Mon 12 February - Les Nautes - Paris, France

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Thu 15 February - New Cross Inn - London, UK
Fri 16 February - Poppodium Volt - Sittard, Netherlands
Sat 17 February - La Zone - Liège, Belgium
Sun 18 February - Parade - Den Haag, Netherlands
Tue 20 February - Reset Club - Berlin, Germany
Thu 22 February - Råhuset - Copenhagen, Denmark
Sat 24 February - Vinyl Reservat - Göttingen, Denmark
Mon 26 February - Hafenklang - Hamburg, Germany
Tue 27 February - Sonic Ballroom - Koln, Germany
Wed 28 February - Kinett - Kusel, Germany
Thu 29 February - Le Grillen - Colmar, France
Fri 01 March - Hush Hush - Bern, Switzerland
Sat 02 March - Gasworks - Winterhur, Switzerland

Their third release on Bronson Recordings since reanimating in 2018, 'Party Zero' updates the post-punk, noise guitar approach they pioneered in the New York underground music scene of the radical 80s. Revved-up classics from that period animate their set as the current lineup - Mark C, Rich Hutchins, Kent Heine and Dave Hollinghurst – doubles down on Live Skull’s massive cacophony. But forget about a nostalgia trip, Live Skull’s new jams swing wild and heavy, blasting their way to a better tomorrow.
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 07 February 2024