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Watch: 'Deep Cuts' by Feral Family
12 November 2023

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Leftfield Yorkshire rockers Feral family have unleashed their latest single “Deep Cuts”, taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Without Motion’ (out 19 January 2024).

A barbed and brooding infusion of industrial-tinted alt-rock, “Deep Cuts” sees Feral Family at the top of their game as they meld melodic musicianship with thought-provoking themes.

With heady guitar lines ripping through antagonistic instrumentals, the track barrels toward a seesawing climax swarming with screeching riffs that billow like plumes of smoke rising from a smouldering wreckage.

Grappling with the bleakness of internal suffering and exploring how the phrase “time heals all wounds” doesn’t always ring true, singer Jamie explains of the new track:

“”Deep Cuts” reflects being hurt deeply, the struggle to cope with the pain, and the desire to move on. Time may be a great healer, but those scars don’t always necessarily fade. The song contemplates the reasons behind the suffering and expresses a hope to find closure and healing with time. It also explores the thin lines between emotional vulnerability and strength, highlighting the internal conflict of trying to navigate through difficult experiences.”

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Check 'Deep Cuts' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 12 November 2023