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Listen: 'Strawberry Ice Cream' by Columbo
06 October 2016

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90s indie-surf-meets bigbeat duo Columbo are set to release their unreleased album ‘We Know Who You Are’ now unearthed from the vaults.

The band are an unlikely mashup between sought-after dance remixer Trailermen and the bass player of UK ska and dub crowd-pleasers Maroon Town and were snapped up by Richard Branson’s V2 label on the basis of their quirky single, ‘Rockabilly Bob’ in the 90s. The single charted and garnered critical acclaim but disillusioned by their major label experience, Columbo walked out on V2.

However, a longtime fan of the band and owner of the Banoffeesound label, in 2016 wanted to find out what happened to Columbo and now dusted off, polished and augmented, the album is finally, and for the very first time, getting the proper release it always merited on 18th November 2016.

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Listen to 'Strawberry Ice Cream' by way of a taster here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 06 October 2016