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Watch: 'Distant Summers' by Tim Bowness
22 January 2017

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Tim Bowness recently announced the release of his fourth solo album, ‘Lost In The Ghost Light’ for the 17th February 2017, through InsideOutMusic. Now he is pleased to reveal the second track to be taken from the album. You can watch the new lyric video for ‘Distant Summers’ here: https://youtu.be/2Aj7IRLj-Rk

Tim had this to say: “Distant Summers is the most optimistic song on Lost In The Ghost Light. It’s a recollection of the moment when the musician the album revolves around falls in love with music. It’s the song that answers the questions regarding why he made music in the first place and why he’s sitting in a dressing room 40 years later.

Appropriately, the song features a superb Ian Anderson flute solo. Ian’s music had been something I admired greatly when I was growing up and I did indeed walk around the school playground with a copy of Aqualung under my arm! As such, the song is as much about how and why I became interested in music as it is about the character the album concerns.

Steve Bingham’s evocative violin parts and the sedate feel make this the Ghost Light song that most resembles my work with no-man.

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Lyrically, it’s the one time on the album where I partially recycled an earlier song that related to the concept (Songs Of Distant Summers from 2014’s Abandoned Dancehall Dreams). I felt that the sentiment of the song was necessary to Ghost Light, so over a completely different piece of music I re-wrote the lyrics and added a reference to another song (The Great Electric Teenage Dream from 2015’s Stupid Things That Mean The World).

Bob Hodds' lyric video makes great use of Jarrod Gosling’s artwork for Lost In The Ghost Light. For added amusement / poignancy, there are some subtle nods to the past of a few of the actual musicians involved in the recording.”

You can watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 22 January 2017