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Listen: 'Share A Pillow' by Field Music
24 January 2018

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Field Music, helmed by Sunderland siblings Peter and David Brewis, recently announced details of their sixth album Open Here (released 2nd February 2018 on Memphis Industries). Today, they share a brand new single "Share A Pillow" via NOISEY, who said "the track sounds a lot like a Talking Heads tune: sharp, crisp, danceable with earnest lyrics, “I’d hate to think you were lonely.”"

Centred around a Roxy Music-esque saxophone stomp that gives way to a characteristically inventive arrangement of vocals, guitar and horns, the track captures the jittery energy and surprising danceability that have become hallmarks of the band's meticulously-crafted art pop. In contrast to the song's upbeat strut, its lyrics, according to Peter Brewis, have a surprisingly domestic origin, as they were derived from the bedtime lamentations of his young son, before being layered over a propulsive rhythm with an unlikely source of inspiration.

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"This one was inspired by my son creeping into my bed during the night, and him and I having to have a talk about why he needs to be in his own bed." Brewis tells Noisey. "I'd say 'There's no room / You have your own bed etc'. And, he'd often reply with, 'it's fine dad, we can share a pillow', 'I'm lonely in my room', 'it's too late to go back to bed'. I thought it could come across in a few different ways so I just wrote some of this stuff down without being specific with what it was about...and set then it to the "Uptown Girl" drum beat!"

Listen to 'Share A Pillow' here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 24 January 2018