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Watch: 'In The Year 2525' by The NEW Bardots
09 April 2021

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New Jersey-based rock band The NEW Bardots have proudly released their new video and single "In The Year 2525".

The single is a fast-paced rock new version of the 1969 hit by Zager and Evans, characterized by the distinctive voice of singer Wayne Olivieri and a precious solo of the band’s guitarist Gar Francis. The video, recently premiered by Moshville Times, is an accurate editing of iconographic clips by Nickolas Koontz for a concept by Wayne Olivieri, which took more than 40 hours of editing and more than 20 versions to get to this final version.

Wayne Olivieri (singer) tells us more about why they picked this song:

"It was Gar’s idea, but I personally loved the idea of that song and I’m sure Gar agrees, because of all the strange things going on with Covid, lockdowns and the arising conspiracy theories about the global elites’ reset of humanity. The fear that has been instilled into the minds of people. In the US we don’t know what is truth and what is lies, it’s like a total takeover of the mainstream media to instill confusion and doubt. The world seems to be getting more controlled than ever before, freedom of speech is getting more suppressed than ever before.

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We wanted to express our distress without being judged as a political point of view. This song was so in tune with today’s future we all agreed to cover it. The video is a concept to show a direction it seems mankind is heading….. a futuristic look into a submissive reality.

For us this song covers many things that mankind has done or neglected. Including mishandling Mother Earth."

Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 09 April 2021