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Watch: 'Something Better' by Emily Wolfe
16 May 2021

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‘Something Better’ is the current single by Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter and acclaimed guitarist Emily Wolfe. Taken from her forthcoming new album, ‘Outlier’, the song begins with a thrumming synth-pop beat that transforms into a buoyant rock tune with a hypnotic guitar melody, flawlessly showing off the confident, intriguing and always unpredictable nature of her new sound. Already A-listed at Amazing Radio, a video for ‘Something Better’ has been issued today (14th May).

The colourful clip focuses on a fanciful day in Wolfe’s life and utilises humour to tackle a difficult subject. The song describes the feeling of being stuck in a particular place or situation, with the video showing Emily performing mundane activities with a childlike and inventive twist, such as eating candy food ‘cooked’ in a toy kitchen.

“It captures the dream-like world I was in when I wrote the song,” explains Wolfe. “It adds a fun flare to a pretty heavy song and the intention was to balance out the serious nature of the lyric. Beth Garrabrant had this killer treatment and idea to pull a '90s childhood theme into today's world, which reflects a lot of the song, while the director Barbara FG really nailed the visuals. I love how subversive '90s videos were, so that was another inspiration. It was amazing working with two really supportive, smart and creative women on this. My bass player Evan Nicholson and drummer Clellan Hyatt also brought their characters to life naturally. I think we all made something really great together.”

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The video also features Wolfe’s signature Epiphone Sheraton Stealth guitar, which was recently released for retail sale.

Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 16 May 2021