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Watch: ‘Don’t Ya Love Democracy!’ by El Misti
18 May 2021

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‘Don’t Ya Love Democracy!’ is the first single from ‘All is Lost’, El Misti’s second album in as many years.

Encapsulating frustration and concern for the expanding control in every aspect of life.

An anti-imperialist boogie, a song of its time.

After last year’s eponymous debut, El Misti return with their second album in 2021. Despite turbulent times and ever-changing circumstances, ‘All is Lost’ marks a striking development in their sound and musicality. However, before this epic LP gets its full release this summer, the Liverpool/Cheshire band have offered up their first single entitled ‘Don’t Ya Love Democracy!’ which comes with a steady flow of insightful instigations towards an unbalanced centralization of power throughout the lands.

Singer and songwriter of the group Paddy Bleakley, gloriously throws up a catchy chorus reminiscent of The Doors and Dylan in full late 60s Vietnam style protestations, “Tongue tied, I will be no longer, Tonight, I will bring your house down, Freeride, You won’t get from me, Because I’m already sick and tired of the way things are.”

The verses are acerbic and full of venom for a world gone insane over the course of the past twelve months, but its beautifully disguised in a bluesy romp which allows great enjoyment on whichever level you choose to focus on.

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Of the new album Paddy explains, “Completing a record is never an easy road, especially as directionless as everything seems to be right now, but the affinity and trust of this group of experienced, adventurous, and independently minded musicians was enough to anchor it through to its conclusion.”

It’s shaping up to be an important album for 2021 from El Misti, so keep them on radar.

Featuring themes of unity, loss, despair, love, anger, faith, regret, hopelessness, and discord.

All is lost...Or is it?

Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 18 May 2021