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Watch: 'Cloister' by Joy Shannon
13 July 2021

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Irish American neo folk artist Joy Shannon has returned with a new video for the song “Cloister”. Taken from her recent album, ‘The Cave’, “Cloister” sings of a land and heart haunted by painful memories—yet still fertile with hope. Inspired by her family’s home in Ireland, Shannon both wrote the song and designed the music video, which combines imagery from both Ireland’s ancient and more modern pasts.

Horror film director Matt Kollar and scenic designer Danielle Kaufman craft a fantastical landscape to pair with Shannon’s evocative song. Together the video and music weave a narrative of the land as the goddess herself, healing within Ireland’s haunting history.

Of the video, Joy had this to say:
“We made this video on one very small set with a skeleton crew of only 5 people, including myself, due to the limitations posed by Covid-19. It was so refreshing to create together again after such a long lockdown. It’s also a testament to the amazing creativity of director Matt Kollar and set designer Danielle Kaufmann that we created such a beautiful video under all these unusual circumstances.”

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Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 13 July 2021