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Watch: 'Closure' by Who Saves The Hero? + live
05 December 2021

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South Wales’ own pop punk trio Who Saves The Hero? Have released a brand-new video for the track “Closure” and announced a slew of UK dates alongside A Few Too Many and Hometruths! The track comes from the band’s upcoming EP which is set for an early 2022 release.

When asked about the track, vocalist/guitarist Josh Frederick had this to say:

“Closure is a little bit different for us as a track as musically I went for more of a rough punk rock sound for it. The track is written about a relationship where you constantly get knocked back to the ground multiple times and manipulated and the other person is thriving from this but in a make-believe world of their own. I really hope that people around the world can relate to this track like I did writing it and if it can help anyone at all then that would make me beyond happy.”

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Watch the video here:

The dates for the upcoming tour are:

December 10th - The Hobbit - Southampton

December 11th - Fiddlers Elbow - London

December 12th - Dick Whittington - Gloucester

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 05 December 2021