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-  Label: 'Grönland Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '22nd April 2017'

Our Rating:
As one time Kraftwerk drummer and co-founder of NEU! and La Dusseldorf, Klaus Dinger (1946-2008) was Krautrock royalty. He can therefore be forgiven the indulgence of this collection of fragments and half finished compositions. It’s for a good cause too as its release coincides with this year’s Record Store Day.

These are studio jams played without any rehearsals which, as the title suggests, date back to the millennium. It's unclear why it has taken so long for them to see the light of day but its good that they have.

The seven tunes predate the Japandorf album recorded the year before Dinger's death in 2008 which came out in 2013.

Apparently, Dinger was in the mood to experiment and to find new musicians to work with so the introduction to Kazuyuki Onouchi in 1999 by a mutual friend, Masaki Nakao was timely.

This album is a by-product of improvised sessions in which the pair also worked together on a remix of the La Düsseldorf album VIVA and features Andreas Reihse on keyboard and Viktoria Wehrmeister on vocals.

Pure Energy and Talk are the stomping high points thanks to the pounding motorik beat that Dinger pretty much invented which more than compensates for the flimsy yet frantically delivered lyrics which amount to little more than repetitions of the titles.

Maydayis like a crawling Velvet Underground-esque ballad complete with breathily seductive words "love is on my mind.....why don't you come out to play" and dragged out to well past the seven minute mark when it could all have been done and dusted in half the time.

Both Untitled, September 12. 2000! and Midsummer take their sweet time to get fired up but after some fairly aimless extended noodling they belatedly hit their stride for furious finales.

The closing track THANK YOU ALL! is a sign off for the new millennium, and unfortunately now will now be heard as a farewell and fuck you message from Dinger: “Thank you for loving us, thank you for hating us. You can beat us and cheat us and treat us so bad, but we don’t care".

He meant it maaan!
  author: Martin Raybould

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