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Review: 'Beercock, Sergio'

-  Album: 'Wollow'
-  Genre: 'Indie'

Our Rating:
I can’t decide if this half Italian, half Yorkshire man, has the coolest or the most unfortunate name I’ve heard in a while. Nevertheless, Sergio Beercock, who is coming to the UK this month to perform for the first time, in support of his debut album, ‘Wollow’.

The style showcased on ‘Wollow’ is simple singer-songwriterly fare at heart, centred primarily around picked acoustic guitar / banjo and voice, with delicate piano and occasional incidental instrumentation to augment the spare compositions. He has a nice voice – haunting, soulful, and there are some subtle, layered harmonies in the mix. But then, he makes frequent excursions outside the zone of template-based genre parameters, revealing some unusual quirks.

Some of it’s a bit artsy, but with tracks like ‘Century’, Beercock shows a knack for narrative lyric folk songs, and elsewhere, he pulls a few substantial surprises: ‘An Exaggerated Song’ whacks in a seemingly incongruous drum machine and incorporates a buoyant bass and some pan pipes – yes, he has the audacity to chuck in fucking pan pipes – while delivering some pretty off-kilter lyrics about… well, it’s hard to unravel precisely what they’re about.

It’s certainly an intriguing collection, and one which suggests there’s perhaps more to Sergio Beercock than one might first think.

May 2017 UK Tour Dates

16th – The Nest Collective Radio session on Resonance FM
16th– Tuesday Tunes session for Liverpool Acoustic, 81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool
17th – The Magnet, in Association with Mellowtone Records, The Magnet Café, 45
Hardman Street, Liverpool
18th – The Albion Beatnik, Oxford, with Sebastian Reynolds + After The Thought
19th – The Nest Collective, Campfire Club, Woodberry Wetlands, London
20th – Wood Festival, Oxfordshire
24th – The New Adelphi Theatre, Hull
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Beercock, Sergio - Wollow