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Review: 'Guilt, The'
'The Guilt'   

-  Album: 'The Guilt' -  Label: 'Heptown Records'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '5th May 2016'

Our Rating:
You can probably guess that a band who lead their album off with a single bearing the title ‘Cunty Mess’ that it’s going to be pretty in-yer-face. And no kidding, Swedish dance punk band, The Guilt, picked up by Louder Than War and named New Artist of the Day have crash landed with their self-titled debut album, and it’s a wild clash of bratty, abrasive guitar driven hardcore noise pop.

With a Roland synthesizer filling the space usually occupied by a human drummer, the duo’s setup invites various comparisons to Big Black. The clanging guitars and antagonistic, nihilistic lyrics (the few that are audible, that is) carry that similarity into the actual sound, but The Guilt pack in some hooky backing vocals behind Emma’s full-throated grunge holler. The bubbling bursts of synth finish it all off nicely.

‘Hate Hate Hate’ is a blistering, driving blast of venom, with a murky bass and the kind of piston-powered percussion that only a machine can produce, and ‘I Don’t Care’ continues the thread of biting, bitter angst-fuelled fire.

‘I Just Know It’ smashes together glam rock and disco and seals it together with a pop savvy to produce a rush of a tune reminiscent of DZ Deathrays, while single cut ‘Anomalys’ is a snarling, incendiary assault.

If ‘The Guilt’ sounds like it borrows from a whole slew of bands – spanning The Jesus and Mary Chain and Nymphs via Siouxsie and the Banshees and early Hole – then it’s a magnificently realised hybrid that emanates a pungent air of authenticity and delivers it with a vehemently ‘fuck you’ attitude. We need more ‘fuck you’ attitude in these shitty, apathetic, homogenised times.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Guilt, The - The Guilt