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'PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr.'   

-  Label: 'Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '23rd June 2017'-  Catalogue No: 'HHBTM188'

Our Rating:
The new Tunabunny album is a double album. Actually, it's even more ambitious. It's a concept album based on being the child of Alice In Wonderland or a response to The Beatles' White Album and comes with the best artwork I've seen this year.

The the vinyl is worth getting just for the visuas alone. If I'm being picky, the only thing that would have improved the artwork would be a gatefold sleeve but that will have to wait for the second or third pressing.

So put on the lava lamp, light the incense, take your favourite mind-bending substance,put this album on your stereo and sit down and prepare for the slow odd little opening of the curtains on Cartesian Theater to open to reveal the coolly odd lo-fi indie of Incinerate that will give you fire flashes.

As your state starts to change giving you Noise Problems that seem to have something to do with the Vaseline-covered floor you are sliding about on. But then It Could Be Something stuck to your feet as the weird Sci-fi noises are making this a strange trip that's hardly even begun.

But as the band Seek Consequence, the voices in your head are chattering away as the almost ambient noise pulses make you wonder if the Blackwater is Whiskey or Oil? To drink it, or not to drink it is not the question being asked. But you will be gazing into a scratchy Oracle by this point as you slowly realize you will need to flip the record once the current melodrama in your ears comes to its climax.

The b-side starts helpfully with Start it, so that's what I do. I start it and listen as the echo and reverb drench the room in sound and that Lava lamp transfixes me as the Boundless Informant slowly starts to babble in my ears. Things seem so sweet as we Nevermind The Cobblestones: apart, that is, from the thing you really didn't mind. Is that the world's quietest rapper I'm hearing whose Yellow Heart is My Sky Sign as the music is an alien landscape of pulsed minimalism. It's rap, Jim, but not as you know it.

Winter's Mind is like the babbling in your head needed to be accompanied with space noises and a barely strummed acoustic guitar swirling around the room. Yes, they have it right that's The Way The World Works with an ambient noise machine burrowing into our brains as a mutant pop song. Ah poor Julia lost in the sound house of Tunabunny's imagination again.

The second platter opens with the short interlude of NRC that begins like a mere squelch before the Shiftchanger starts to build like the trip has gone from good to weird with voices going off in strange place so The Rest Of Us can take us down into the basement to find our density has changed. As the swirling noises alert us that Me and Nancy have a manifesto that will blow through our minds as we are Pretending To Bend to the will of this album to fry our minds so we can no longer Count To Ten as we dream of a mountain in Magic January that may be too cold as we start to shiver.

The D-side bringing all this to a conclusion opens like methyl Ethyl key tones are the key to perfect Dream Sugar that you will need to take to make it through the Pitocin Enduction Hour's sing-song crawling through your mind as you can see Images Of Future Selves that all seem to involve someone asking you to Come Feed The Dogs.

You have no way to Work It Around as the Revolution None takes us to the dark corners of the band's psyche. I try to figure out if I thought I Caught It (With You) and what it was I caught apart from a bad case of false endings and flashbacks perhaps?

Find out more at Happy Happy Birthday To Me online

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  author: simonovitch

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TUNABUNNY - PCP Presents Alice In Wonderland Jr.