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Review: 'Johann Sebastian Punk'
'Phoney Music'   

-  Album: 'Phoney Music' -  Label: 'Self-released'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '13/10/2017'

Our Rating:
Hailing from Sicily, self-styled dandy/gypsy hybrid Johann has developed a persona that brings to mind troubadours such as Sufjan Stevens, whilst also evoking thoughts of the pixie-ish faux naivety of early David Bowie and Syd Barrett. Mixed in with the freak Wurlitzer sound of harpsichords, Latin rhythms and, yes, flugelhorns, is the ever-present Johann, delivering his polemics in a style somewhere between and beyond Shakespeare and Adam Ant.

Designed to upset the status quo, the album uses melodic, though clashing musical styles to construct an art-rock opera where no two songs are remotely the same. Listing his influences as ranging from Frank Zappa to Jarvis Cocker and Brian Eno to Miles Davis, a second single, ‘Tragedy’, is scheduled to be released just prior to the album’s launch.

With only a smattering of session musicians, Johann has played over 20 instruments, as well as writing and producing the whole album.
  author: Tony_D

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