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Review: 'LOWERY, IAN'
'Agent Orange '92 + Drug Of Choice Sessions'   

-  Label: 'Spectacle Music'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '6 October 2017'

Our Rating:
This is the final re-issue on Spectacle Music from the late, great vocalist and writer Ian Lowery (Ski Patrol, Folk Devils, King Blank).

It covers the period from 1992 and the following year when Ian re-located to Edinburgh looking for fresh inspiration and it would seem that he found it. The CD is essentially a re-worked version of Ski Patrol classic "Agent Orange" (now brooding psych-rock squall) and nine songs from the Drug Of Choice sessions for their album 'Cooler'.

There is quite a lot of variety among the DOC tracks. From the baggy-esque swagger of "Bad Feels Good" to the dark vision of closer "Ambulance Ride" there are many bases covered yet they are all held together by Ian's poetry.

If anything, the lyrics here are more concise than on previous re-issues and leave more space for the music to work its magic as well, "Ungodly" being a great example of this. Again, on "Just Bored" Ian gets straight to the point. It's hell, the confines of home/It smells, of hours alone/Wanton and willing and full to the brim/It lays on the stomach like some phantom limb.

I love the psychobilly vibe of "Somewhere To Crash" and the indie pop gone wrong that is "Fever Nest". The digital re-mastering sounds great so hats off to Spectacle for making this final re-issue a suitably fitting finale.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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LOWERY, IAN - Agent Orange '92 + Drug Of Choice Sessions