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Review: 'Thundermother'

-  Genre: 'Rock'

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The pitch: ‘Swedish hard rockers Thundermother release their self-titled third album on February 23rd but as a taste of what to expect, the band are thrilled to release the new single from the album, the bruising anthem “Whatever”. With a brand-new line up in place, the girls are back with a leaner, meaner attitude and are out to prove that their Thundermother are here to stay.’

Thundermother? Really? Surely this has to represent a new barrel-scraping low in rock band name generator clichés? So, it’s an all-female hard rock band. I attach no importance to this, nor the possible connotations of the name.

It seems that 3 members of the band, including the singer, left a while back, and that this is a totally new line-up centred around founder member and guitarist Filippa Nässil. Like their predecessors, they can play, and crank out 70’s inspired AC/CD influenced rawk… and like their predecessors, they’re adept at producing music that’s as spectacularly rock band name generator cliché as their name. Whatever, indeed.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Thundermother - Whatever