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Review: 'The Urban Voodoo Machine'
'January Blues'   

-  Label: 'Gypsy Hotel Records'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '5.1.18.'

Our Rating:
Yes The Urban Voodoo Machine have kicked 2018 off with the band's latest single January Blues that comes in two versions with or without the swearing and a cover of Glen Campbell's Rhinestone Cowboy in between them.

So this is a modern blues for the times we find ourselves in, The a-side is the radio edit, it is slow doleful and decidedly downbeat look at the state of everything going on from Brexit and Trump to all sorts of venues closing down to friends overdosing and all sorts of other trials and tribulations with Paul-Ronney Angel sounding more like a cross between Tom Waits and Lee Marvin than ever as the rich and yet stark backing of violins and brass as well as the drums and keys keeps everything nicely restrained.

The bands take on Rhinestone Cowboy wrestles this classic back from Karaoke hell and makes it into a dark blues played almost marching band style but with twists of Mariachi and spaghetti western soundtracks, the brass comes in and out at will adding to the magnificence of what the bass drum is doing as well as some cool harmonica parts, this is a touching and fitting tribute to the late great Glen Campbell.

Before we get to the No Fucking Edit version of January Blues wherein Paul-Ronney's anger at the hell we find ourselves in are allowed to fully let rip, not it's not massively different to the radio edit but the swear words are used to emphasise the points the band are making about the sorry state we find ourselves in and judging by how one London council is insisting gig goers are treated more venue closures are sadly almost certain this year making this an even more essential single.

Never mind that we are already in February this is one of the first essential songs for 2018 and it will also feature on the forthcoming album 15 Shots From The Urban Voodoo Machine that will celebrate the bands 15th year together by collecting together all the bands singles.

As ever find out more at http://theurbanvoodoomachine.com/
  author: simonovitch

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