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'Living In Leeds'   

-  Label: 'Gringo Records'
-  Genre: 'Heavy Metal' -  Release Date: '23rd February 2018'

Our Rating:
With an unglamorous band name and uninspiring album title Thick Syrup are off to a sticky start before you even hear what they have to offer.

The band was formed in, you guessed it, Leeds and it says here that their sound is based on "a mutual love of 60s garage, 70s funk and early hard rock".
Singer Gemma Fleet gamely fronts four rocking males who deliver some solid heavy rock but produce some fairly uninspiring riffs.

The 8-track, 27 minute mini album is mainly comprised of tracks that clock in on or around the three minute mark save for the slow building six minute closing number Lady Anne Arise.

The record is workmanlike enough but the muddy mix means that none of the tunes pack much of a punch.   
  author: Martin Raybould

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THICK SYRUP - Living In Leeds