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'Slow Sundown'   

-  Label: 'Wharf Cat Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '9th March 2018'

Our Rating:
Hearing of an Estonian band playing cowboy ballads has vague echoes of Aki Kaurismaki's 'Leningrad Cowboys Go America' but this is no fiction and no joke.

The five-piece (four guys and one gal) has three guitarists so the twang effect is a strong element in these eight sleepy Shoegaze-tinged songs.

It's slow and dreamy in a style not a million miles from Cigarettes After Sex.

The lyrics to Honeymooning establish the lonesome mood: "Behind the gloom we're drowning in our own tears. I cannot hold myself. On our honeymoon where were you?".

The shimmering guitars on Signs have a hazy, disorientating effect as Eliann Tulve's sultry vocals capture and fix the spectral mood.

Ghost Of Heart is a perfect title and although I have no idea what Sleeprydr means I can make a fair guess after hearing this absorbing album.

  author: Martin Raybould

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HOLY MOTORS - Slow Sundown