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Review: 'Submariner'

-  Genre: 'Indie'

Our Rating:
It’s not often I find myself on the fence. And yet, here I am, looking out of the small window at the end of my poky office on the most dismal of bank holiday afternoons, wondering if it will ever stop raining, if I’ll ever see proper daylight again, and trying to decide what I make of ‘Ghosts’ by Submariner.

Submariner hem together ambient indie rock, emotive lyricism and an organic flair for earworm melodies – so they claim.

And yes, ‘Ghosts’ boasts a keen melody, and carries a narrative that’s concerned with the British zeitgeist in the wake of the Brexit vote. But while pleasant and charming, the execution feels a little too light and breezy for its own good, undermining the gravity and instead tugging wistfully at the heartstrings. Ultimately, it lacks a certain bite, and consequently, while I certainly don’t hate it, I can’t say I love it either.

Now, has anyone got some tweezers to help me sort these splinters?

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Submariner - Ghosts