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Review: 'David Sinclair Four'
'Sweet Georgina'   

-  Label: 'Critical Discs'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '11th May 2018'

Our Rating:
Prefacing the arrival of the new album by DS4 (previously DS3), we get the title track as a single. And it’s… a song. It’s a tune. You wouldn’t go so far as to call it a ‘tuuuuune’ though.

The 3 backing DS tend to be almost written out of the biographical blurbs which invariably attest Sinclair’s vast and diverse achievements in and around the music industry. But, just as ‘The Times’, ‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘Billboard’ are very much establishment, so DS4’s ‘witty, bluesy alt-rock’ is also the sound of safe middle age.

Picking through the nuances of their bluesy craftsmanship and the ‘witty’, self-effacing lyrics has its place, and I’m by no means insinuating that music is for the young… but this is the musical equivalent of moccasins and waistcoats, the music of music teachers, and is probably a lot more fun to play than to listen to, especially if you’re under 50. The 3 have probably got lucky.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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David Sinclair Four - Sweet Georgina