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Review: 'ERZH'
'Death Is A True Prophet'   

-  Label: 'Falk Records'
-  Genre: 'Dance' -  Release Date: '6th July 2018'-  Catalogue No: 'FALK 18'

Our Rating:
This a limited-edition cassette release of Krakow born, now Reykjavik residing, DJ and producer ERZH (aka MaciejŚcibor). Fortunately, his debut release is also available to purchase from the label’s Bandcamp, as well as local record shops.      

As a student of cognitive neuropsychology, he knows a bit about how music affects the brain and he's also researched philosophical concepts such as Biocentrism (the mind vs reality thesis of Robert Lanza) and the works on the nature of consciousness by Thomas Metzinger.

Having applied these theories to his sonic practice, the bass heavy results are promoted as "a dark techno sound with howling acid sounds and crepuscular atmospheres".   

Titles like Avoid Distraction and Primal Solitude give clues to the concentration and intensity behind his work.    

There are some brief voice samples but this is primarily machine-based music to open up the universe in our heads with the added bonus that you can also dance to.

ERZH at bandcamp
  author: Martin Raybould

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ERZH - Death Is A True Prophet