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Review: 'Brain Wizard'
'Most Hella Dopest'   

-  Label: 'green monkey records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '4.5.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'GMR1046'

Our Rating:
If you're not put off by either the band name the album title or the artwork then you are probably as out of it as this bunch of Hollyweird based stoners are.

So take several handfuls of drugs and press play and find out why Life Is Fun for this lot, well the opening song is all about giving your brain away over squelchy stoned indie rock that doesn't prepare you for the onslaught of weirdness to come.

Bugzahlick is like one of those Burroughs scenes where the bugs are crawling all over him in the shower and in his bed out of every orifice imaginable and all the while the music tries to get the feelings the bugs give you while your mumping and jumping and looking for a way to get rid of the bugs.

Food No9 (Slight Return) re works Making Whoopee into an angsty plea for a friend to follow the crowd and eat food rather than just keep taking the drugs and not bother eating like they have been on a month long crystal meth binge and forgotten what food is as it goes all laptop glitch dub to emphasise the state your brains in.

You're Not Smart seems to be about the royal family losing the plot on Mushrooms and ketamine while time travelling through squelchy realms of computer games glitch vortices to derange the senses. Lazy Superman is kind of casio based indie dance pop for the Adderall generation to mock there Prozac munching parents too.

Fresh Brain Love almost sounds like a manual typewriter and Kazoo based folk song for the dissolute geek to freak out too add in is it a zither or Theremin bit and nirvana.

Interstellar Star Space Love-Thing Woman is a great song title and deep dense plea to the woman of the singers most trashed hallucinations as he wants to have outta space relations with her in less out there ways than Ace Frehley suggests doing in a very psychedelic way, you may need some shrooms for this to really work.

Interdimensional Bigfoot should probably be heard while sitting in the Bigfoot Motel sipping Bang Lassi's and smoking dope and just wondering what is going on.

Googoley Splatt is sadly not a song about cricket and Googlies rather it's about losing your real brain to google search and other disasters caused by following the computer ruling your life over or staying indoors because it's raining as the computer driven music and lots of weird noises make you kiss goodbye to your last couple of marbles or something.

Hmm have they been listening to Jack Black for song title advice as The 3rd Most Epic Legend Of Brain Wizard sounds like one of his, even if the squelch glitch disco funk is well mind meldingly odder than anything Jack normally comes up with and should have been the last track on the album as it's a perfect exit for an album like this.

So bringing Kids Don't Try This at home one song forward on the playlist is simple enough as the album closes with this lesson to your kids as to what not to do from building nuclear bombs at home, don't be the kid like my friend who built his own bomb at home, as when it goes off well he has never been the same, so kids don't try this at home and cops aren't your friends are not bad lessons to learn while this is probably the best song on the album.

Find out more at www.greenmonkeyrecords.com www.greenmonkeyrecords.bandcamp.com/album/brain-wizards-most-hella-dope
  author: simonovitch

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