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Review: 'I'm No Chessman'
'Amateurs (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '26th October 2018'

Our Rating:
‘Amateurs’ is I’m no Chessman’s second EP, and it seems the Bournemouth quartet had developed and refined their sound since their debut to deliver a set that showcases a ‘refashioned sound’ that’s ‘both revitalising and intense in its direction’. They would say that, of course.

‘In the Morning’ combines jaunty piano and a buoyant guitar in the verses – and when I say ‘jaunty’ I mean with vaguely irritating post-Britpop overtones – before tearing into a chorus that has the gritty angst of early My Chemical Romance as singer Michael Rockett spits lyrics reliving the anguish of remembering the night before.

While it very much sets the agenda for the five tracks on offer here, it’s also the strongest on the EP, which balances guitar chug and angst with accessibility. Bursting with energy, it’s got ‘Kerrang! Radio’ appeal and surely a substantial audience awaits them.

  author: James Wells

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