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Review: 'Ochs, Conny'
'Doom Folk'   

-  Label: 'Exile On Mainstream Records'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '8th February 2019'

Our Rating:
‘Doom Folk’ is the fourth album by German songwriter Conny Ochs, following “Raw Love Songs” (2011), “Black Happy” (2013) and “Future Fables” (2016). It’s a pretty fitting title: ‘Doom Folk’ is definitely more Leonard Cohen than Ed Sheeran. The 12 songs on offer here belong to the bracket of grainy post-grunge country.

‘Dark Tower’ and ‘Oracle’ conjure a vintage vibe, calling to mind Alice in Chains and Soundgarden at their brooding, melodic best, and getting the album off to a strong start.
The compositions and arrangements are, for the most part, uncomplicated and uncluttered: guitar, drums, and bass accompany Ochs’ voice. There’s nothing abrasive or sharp here. Instead, Ochs focuses on conveying emotional range through expressive playing and vocal emphasis. A simple combination of acoustic guitar and honest singing, with just a few mouth organ licks, as showcased on ‘King of the Dead’ proves incredibly effective, while the boogie swagger of ‘Drunken Monkey’ brings a low-slung blues groove.

Ochs’ voice is a pleasure throughout, by turns soulful and gentle, brooding and bruised.

There’s nothing fancy or remotely showy about any aspect of ‘Doom Folk’, and it gives a reminder that there’s simply no substitute for songs written with heart and passion, played with the same.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Ochs, Conny - Doom Folk