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Review: 'TORQUE'

-  Label: 'Mascot Records'
-  Genre: 'Heavy Metal' -  Release Date: '18th January 2019'

Our Rating:
Mascot have pretty much got it locked down these days with regard to hard rock and blues so this reissue piqued my curiosity somewhat.

Featuring ex Machine Head guitarist Phil Demmel this was a stand-alone self-titled album first released in 1996 and the re-issue features 4 bonus songs from their final recordings, the "1997 demo". Things clearly imploded after that.

If mid-nineties thrash metal is of interest to you then this album would certainly be worth investing in. Sure, it is of its time and therefore 'dated' but I personally love the sound and attitude. Demmel's vocals are reminiscent James Hetfield and the band (consisting of Ray Vegas - rhythm, Deen Dell - bass and Mark Hernandez - drums) detonate bombs underneath.

The vocals often include thrash rap stylings and they are in fact, particularly well delivered. Classic, I love it! There is actually an hour of music here and whilst all the songs might not be brilliant a high standard is maintained throughout. The single word titles seem to have focused their anger and energy best of all. "Again", "Shooter", "Forgotten", "Pulled" and "Breed". The original album closer "Hand Over Fist" consists of 7 minutes of pummelling mayhem.

The bonus tracks seem to lean more towards that Metallica influence and the vocals have a more radio friendly sheen which indicates they may have achieved more popularity/notoriety had the opportunity presented itself.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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TORQUE - Torque