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-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '15th February 2019'

Our Rating:
Gunter Schickert debuted in 1975 with "Samtvogel" and has been developing his hypnotic echo guitar sound within the Krautrock scene ever since.

For this album ('Moth' in English) he hooked up with Andreas Spechtl who recorded the album and played the drums. Of himself Schickert says, "I am a true city child" and the rhythm of the engines of public transport have been a constant source of inspiration to him. I intend to find out if he has distilled and captured this inspiration any better than on this album but right now I very much doubt it.

As often seems to be the case with Bureau B albums it revolves around and hinges on an epic piece, which in this case is "Flugelschlag". Propelled by pounding drums the guitar drifts and unfurls like the wings of some crepuscular creature. It is not often I desire to play songs on repeat, but for this beauty I would make an exception.

"Nocturnus" the intro track had a sinister ambience and "Wohin" is a bendy banjo techno freakout. Two lengthier tracks "Light" and "Reflection Of The Future" complete the album. "Light" seems to take us into the Berlin underground train system where we ride the rails for the best part of ten minutes searching for light.

It is a clanging and metallic track. "ROTF" has a gritty Detroit feel to it and even includes train noises played on a pipe. Looped percussion and strange effects play out over a sinister, repetitive swell of synth and latterly a techno kick. Essential release for a dying, dystopic decade.
  author: Leo Newbiggin

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