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Review: 'Primal Static'
'The Corrupting of the Revolution (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Rock'

Our Rating:
Supposedly known for ‘their incredible live show’, Primal Static’s press bio pitches that they embrace ‘the unique dimensions of electronic music - a world of infinite possibilities - with the timeless soul of the blues and a caustic rock edge.’

The electronic aspect of their sound isn’t much in evidence here, with the exception of the trippy lasers-to-stun kaleidoscopic synth loops that bubble away in the background to add a space-rock vibe to the sound as they showcase a vintage guitar-based sound across the four tracks on ‘The Corrupting of the Revolution’. That is to say, they’re electronic in the way Kasabian were when they started out.

‘Velvet Crush’ lollops in with off-kilter percussion thumping through a warping, wefting haze of guitars which carry a vocal that carves its own key and time signature. Drugs, much?

‘Need You So Bad’ mines a seem of vintage 70s rock, with a heavy blues vibe permeating the twisting lead guitar and nagging bass groove. In terms of the contemporary, there’s perhaps a hint of Wolfmother and Rival Sons by way of reference points, and make no mistake, however authentic it may sound, this is retro played on vintage amps but with a post-millennial twist – because you can never truly recreate the past. ‘Blister Core’ is middling blues, but at least it has energy, unlike the slow-starting and ultimately disappointing closer ‘Soul Jacket’, which just flaps limply alongside a weak drum machine rhythm.

And so it goes: ‘The Corrupting of the Revolution’ is ok, but it could be so much more. It’s a very far cry from anything even hinting at revolution.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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