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Review: 'The NJE'
'Afloat In Dub with Adrian Sherwood'   

-  Label: 'Sartorial Records'
-  Genre: 'Reggae' -  Release Date: '13.4.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'FIT068LP'

Our Rating:
Afloat In Dub is one of the hotly tipped albums coming out on Record Store Day this year. The band will be playing 3 gigs in three south coast record shops to celebrate the release of The Near Jazz Experience's encounters with Adrian Sherwood at the controls, on a BBC Session for the Gideon Coe show and Adrian's remixes of The NJE.

This is one slab of vinyl it will be worth braving the crowds to fight for a copy of. If you only buy one dub record on Record store day make it this one.

It opens with the mystical tabla deep dub of Mystified which opens the space for the Sax to float in and out and the Melodica to go Further East than normal this is East of Rochford mighty and in your face, you'll need to have some good CBD for this to take full effect.

Simon Charterton's percussion kicks off the deep colourful version of Songo that has some very spacious percussion that is intertwined with Terry Edwards masterful sax that is Nuttily beatific and driven along by Mark Bedford's insistent bassline as Terry makes like Illinois Jacquet blowing at his most ferocious.

6 Foot 2 has multiple horns coming in and out of Adrian Sherwoods mix like they have that Tappa Zukie style horns dub feel transposed to the Essex riviera via the Bristol Channel, you'll need your sub woofers turned up to really feel the bass and what's doing as it wobbles the room you should feel it in your ankles. Before it makes you skank around.

The Long Tail is a slow building epic bass and sax floaty dub side that needs to be heard on the biggest nastiest system you can find to just let it warp your brain the percussion keeping nice time as that sax warbles all over the place. Taking us far out into the smoke-filled rooms in the middle of nowhere this is dubby jazz for sophisticated hep cats rather than hipsters with nice outer space sounds bringing side one to a close.

The B-side and first remix is Voodoo Child gone heavy monster sounds deep dub as Terry plays all of Jimi's parts on his saxophones and the bass just rolls on creating the base for the percussion and sax's to fly off from it's dark delicious and would sound perfect in a club at about 3.30 in the morning to get a bunch of out of it people to start wondering what on earth is going on as the saxes go in and out and it gets all sparse to end it.

The Freak Kings is the bands derangement of the Christmas classic We Three Kings into a funky jazz epic that now gets the even more downbeat dub treatment that takes it into a sparse almost Arkestral territory with nice spaced out parts before the main refrain finally kicks in to lighten things up as I marvel at getting to review my first Christmas tune for 2019 as they make a good case for having the perfect instrumental hit for this Xmas the campaign starts now! Let's face it the way 2019 is going that makes as much sense as anything happening. Go on get out your egg shakers and join in while listening to this the perfect soundtrack for a good freaky Christmas party at Easter or something equally mad.

Beachcomber In Dub that closes this essential Record shop day vinyl excursion has some incredible room shaking bass, tabla and what sounds like Harmonica among some spaced out synth sounds as they take you on stroll down the beach in St Leonards while stealing some classic phrases here and there taking us to all sorts of strange flashbacks to 1970's British cop shows in deep dub haze reworked fashion as you sit chilled out working out all the hits that are referenced as the room stops shaking as the album has finished.

Go fight it out at your favourite record shop next Saturday. Find out more at www.thenje.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/NearJazzExperience/ https://sartorialrecords.greedbag.com/
  author: simonovitch

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