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Review: 'TREP'
'Lucian EP'   

-  Genre: 'Rock'

Our Rating:
Crunch and buzz… thunking riffology. ‘Sience the Crows’ brings the beef, balancing weight and melody with elements of contemporary prog and post—hardcore, and it drives hard… but then there’s a fucking awful few bars in the middle that are pure Queen. There’s simply no need, and it’s unforgivable, however good the rest of the EP is. Which is a shame, because its actually really good: ‘The Time You Have Lost’ packs the melody and expansiveness of Oceansize delivered on a tidal wave of thunderous riffs and powerhouse percussion, and if the chunking guitar chords on ‘Architect’ are a bit 80s hard rock in places, they redeem themselves with some melody and bombast that carry heavy hints of both Faith No More and Alice in Chains.

With this EP, TREP meld US 90s alt rock with aspects of prog, grunge, and metal all churned into the mix, and the results are solid and satisfying and big on riffs.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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