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Review: 'Surfquake'
'Quake Up!'   

-  Label: 'Surfquake'
-  Genre: 'Soundtrack' -  Release Date: '26.4.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'SQCD 002'

Our Rating:
Yes this album sounds exactly as you imagine it will as a cartoon surf album from the masters of the Essex Surf scene and I am trying to remember the last Surf band from Essex I heard there is at least one other one. Yes the band feature members of New Model Army, The Prettiest Starman and The Cleaners From Venus among others.

Still they open up with Surfer Jet City that has that good old surf sound that just needs some traditional dancing to go with it.

Hawaii Five-O is a nice lounge surf version of the classic theme tune with some nice extra car chase sounds in the background.

Jane Of The Jungle has some cool guitar twanging as they call out for Jungle Jane like they are playing the theme song to a cartoon version of the story that has been set in the nether world around Peter Pans Playground in Southend in the late 70's.

The James Bond Theme is a more or less straight early 70's version of it with a few nice zippy sounds going on and I like what the pianists doing.

Gordo The Astromonkey has some great Theremin at the start and sounds very 60's tv theme. A Shot In The Dark is the Henry Mancini incidental music classic from the Pink Panther and sounding very cool it is too and is perfect to drive a Hillman Minx along the promenade in Southend with this blaring out the windows.

Do The Milkshake is what they want to play outside Rossi's Ice Cream Parlour as everyone dances in the street while licking 99's and sipping on those shakes. Surfin' Bird is played like they are trying to surf Southend while the tide is out and they are dodging the sea gulls while trying to avoid a mudbath, but no really it's just a great fun version of this standard.

Spaghetti Waltz takes us to a trattoria on the front at Leigh on Sea where bad things are about to happen as a real bad Essex Girl is on the prowl once more. Wipe Out! Batman is just what you'd expect and in this case they are worried they might wipe out while doing handbrake turns along the front at Southend before they put in the speed humps and spoiled all the fun.

Surfrider comes riding in on a big wave towards Westcliff like they are a bunch of bad bad hombres and senora's. 5-4-3-2-1 is playing like you are waiting to go on a ride at the Kursaal rather than waiting for that wave or if you're on the beach at Southend waiting for the tide to come back in. They have adjusted the lyrics a bit and make sure the song is good fun.

Sabre Dance is what they used to do each weekend in Canvey Island isn't it as they chased everyone all over the place. Walk Don't Run is played like they are ready for tea in a hotel in Westcliff It's a bit too polite.

He Never Came Back seems to be about that guy that took a tenner off you outside Peter Pans Playground and never came back with your bag of speed and now he's laughing about it. Which is why Danger Man is next and he's just the person to find and sort that dealer out.

The album closes with Burnin' Rubber like your leaving the coast and heading back up the A127 at top speed once more.
If you love surf music this is a cool album find out more at www.surfquake.co.uk
  author: simonovitch

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