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Review: 'Suzi Quatro'
'No Control'   

-  Label: 'Steamhammer/SPV'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '29.3.19.'

Our Rating:
Suzi Quatro is back with a new album that she wrote and produced with her son Richard that for me is an good album for any act with over 50 years in the business although. I'm sure long-term fans will be more than happy that Suzi is still putting out new albums and touring.

The opening song No Soul-No Control is undoubtedly one of the best things on the album a real great bluesy rocker with cool lyrics and some great yelps from Suzi along with a great bassline and a nice driving feel to it as Suzi tells us we can't take away her soul this is one of the songs on the album you need to hear.

Going Home is a good chugging rocker about love going wrong and her lover not coming back to her bed at night with a great riff and it just sounds like it will turn into a good stomper live as the keyboards rise and get going nicely behind her as she tells us she's going home alone.

Strings sounds great with all sorts of cool stuff going on in the music and I love the background vocals that makes it sound like they are going for a Memphis Soul sound a good strutting sound to dance too the Brass section does a lot of interesting accenting on this too.

Love Isn't Fair has a bit of a Latin flavour too it and is a good woozy summer song. Macho Man has a real 70's glam rock feel to it like she's gone back to Devil Gate Drive to have a go at some of the Macho Men she's come across in the business, the guitar solo in this is really cool. When she starts growling she really sounds a lot like Joan Jett or should that be the other way round.

Easy Pickin's takes a familiar riff and re-works it into a song full of life lessons and advice to make sure you don't settle for less than your worth.

Bass Line is one of the songs on the album that sounds cool musically but lyrically is for me a bit lazy as she explains what a good bass line should do for you, that makes the song a bit too easy listening for me.

Don't Do Me No Wrong is more strutting blues rock with a decent message to not do her wrong, this is another song that sounds like it will be cracking live with the harmonica player giving it everything.

Heavy Duty keeps to the blues rock feel and feels quite urgent but somehow it seems top need a few more lyrics to explain just why it's a heavy-duty world, but maybe the forceful Sax solo makes up for that.

I Can Teach You To Fly is a song about pilots I'm guessing that sounds like an early 70's pop rocker and again has some great horns that come in and out over the insistent riff and cool squiggly guitar solo.

Going Down Blues is an angry blues rocker to finish the album and she does want you to go down and play her the blues like you really mean it. This has a good mature feel to it and I'm sure will appeal to many of her long-term fans.

The vinyl version of the album has two bonus songs not on the CD version.

Find out more at www.suziquatro.com www.spv.de
  author: simonovitch

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