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Review: 'Black Science'
'Worlds Within Worlds, Worlds Without End'   

-  Label: 'bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '22.3.19.'

Our Rating:
This new album by Black Science has almost nothing in common with World Without End by Bob Frank and John Murry other than a similar title and a love of mind-bending substances, only this is far more into space inducing psychedelics rather than opiates. Although the bands name is probably inspired by the comic of the same name.

Macrocosmic the opener is a slow spaced out journey into the psychic unknown that revolves around a sample that sounds like something from an Irving Welch film explaining what certain drugs do to you as the music mutates and distorts your brain before the main vocals come in to lure you into the bands nether world of hallucinations and part remembered trips that I'm helping along with shots of cough medicine that might not have the same effect, but the pulsing beneath the expiring guitars might still work their way into the crevices of your mind over the 9 minute course of this opener.

The Ancient Sorcery Sound needs as good trippy light show to go with it and maybe a lava lamp to stare at as you start flashing back to nights at Club Silver or Planet Dog and Megadog throw your arms in the air and shake along as the spirits move deep within you in Senser round sound with a slightly miasmic feel to it.

Eternity Beckons with a repeating sample leading into some real nasty sounding noises and an odd drum loop to begin it's ten minute journey as the distended vocals come in and out of the mix and are at times more of a texture as they get buried by the noise engulfing them it's time to inhale deeply and get into space. If you're not tripping during this song you never will be even as it summons some rather baggy ghosts to help you summon the aliens that the press release suggests it might. I certainly feel fried and ready for some alien intervention as the disembodied voices sent strange messages that land deep within your cerebral cortex.

Strange Remembrance is more of a straight ahead druggy indie rock song from the late 90's it's almost Madchester with an added almost four to the floor beat that everything goes off of, as everyone feels the love and angst on the dance-floor as everyone starts singing along to it.

Where No Human Hath Ever Trod is the aliens trying to make contact, with weird signal noises bleeps and growls distortions and deeply disembodied buried vocals. In places it's like early Loop Guru before going harsher and darker as the drugs explode in your mind and you stagger around pulling strange poses wondering what this alien place you've ended up in is, other than a converted warehouse or decaying club that really feels like it's not someplace Humans really go.

Divine Explosions might be what you have after too many ecstasy tablets with a viagra chaser as the deeply strange music swirls around you and your entwined and enmeshed trying to get that explosion timed for proper divine ecstasy at the conclusion of the song that will only be sexual on the right drugs otherwise it's a spaced out journey toward the space dust invading your brain.

The album concludes with the 10 minute plus psycho drama of All The Way Out and you'll need to be to really get what's going on in this monster of a tune. Synth noises blasting you off that drum pattern that almost works as an anchor as really your un-tethered now out into the world beyond our world. Like most of this album this will sound much better on a colossal club system with high volume to seriously distort everyone's minds as some of the music plays backwards and forwards and sideways like a ship careening over a stormy sea before arriving at some pagan ritual unlike any you've experienced previously. Then it shifts as if they are trying to get the space craft into land but they don't have any retro rockets for the job as the original sample from the start of the album comes back in to make us all feel like we're having another flashback.

find out more at www.dmioccult.bandcamp.com
  author: simonovitch

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