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Review: 'Jimmie Vaughan'
'Baby, Please Come Home'   

-  Label: 'The Last Music Company'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '17.5.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'LMCD213'

Our Rating:
Jimmie Vaughan is back with yet another album of consummate and very tasteful and at times tasty Texan Blues from one half of the legendary Vaughan Brothers and an original Fabulous Thunderbird he's now been a legendary blues guitarist for over 50 years and more than knows his way around a tune and this latest album continues his wander through his favorite blues songs that are thankfully well chosen to not all be the obvious song you might expect. Although almost all of them are Blues heart-breakers rather than murder ballads. There is nothing at all revolutionary on this album just some great musicians making good easy to listen too music that will please lots of blues fans.

The album opens with the title song Baby, Please Come Home and is the sort of classic blues heart-breaker that Lloyd Price always intended it too be with the brass section used to wonderful effect as almost punctuation marks on the lyrics as Jimmie's Guitar is full of emotion and pleading for her to come home.

Just A Game is laid back almost lazy blues as the heartbreaking tale of being cheated on unfolds and Jimmie wallows in his misfortune.

He then takes on Lefty Frizells magisterial No One To Talk To (But The Blues) and keeps it nice and cool yet still just lays his heart bare and begs her to listen to him.

Be My Lovey Dovey is a sweet 50's style bop 'n Stroll plea for some loving and has some great backing vocals from Emily Gamble and Georgia Bramhall to help seal the deal.

What's Your Name? is a cool dance-floor chat-up routine set to some honking brass and spectral guitar work to try to woo that special girl and played like they want to be dancing to Fats Domino. Hold It does just that as a cool blues instrumental that will work as a bed as much as a cool background piece for some other action.

They take T-Bone Walkers I'm Still In Love With You at a slow slow pace with lovely tinkly piano and a slow percussive shuffle almost like they want to sound like Chet Baker singing a ballad even before Al Gomez trumpet comes in.

It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day) is care free laid back strolling blues that has nice late 50's rock and roll feel to it like you should be cruising in a caddy playing it.

So Glad is a great take on the Fats Domino classic love letter to Fiona who is finally coming home once more to look after him, it almost sounds like a love letter to his guitar. Midnight Hour is the Clarence Gatemouth Brown staple with another wonderful and beautifully economic solo from Jimmie over the doo wop style blues rumble the band have going on.

The album closes with Jimmy Reed's Baby, What's Wrong that sounds like they are strutting down the street with him begging and pleading and wanting to know just why she's leaving, will he get her back or will he have a broken heart once more and can that be saved with the power of an electric guitar and a Hammond Organ, lets just say Jimmie and his band are true believers in the power of the blues.

Find out more at www.jimmievaughan.com www.lastmusic.co.uk
  author: simonovitch

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