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'L'Ame De Paris'   

-  Label: 'Heavy Soul Records'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '21st February 2109'

Our Rating:
This Parisian quartet present themselves to the world as sharply dressed ‘pop modernists’ with swinging 60s influences.

Formed in the 11th district of Paris in 2010, their second album is full of playful retro pop with a heavy French accent. Only two of the songs (Passé Recomposé and The Word) are sung in English.

Online translating tools enable non French speakers like moi to discover that “pédaler pour des prunes comme un fou sur le bitumen” means ‘pedalling for plums like a madman on the asphalt’ . This leads me to conclude that lyrically I’m not missing out too much.

My hunch is that Amis sur Facebook is more of a light-hearted piss-take of shallow friendships on the social networking giant rather than a politically charged take-down of Mark Zuckerberg.

This, together with the general bounciness of the rhythms, suggests that tongue-in-cheek irony is the ‘plat du jour’ and, if you are happy with tasty takeaways rather than more substantial meals, the ten portions served up here could well be to your taste.

French Boutik website

  author: Martin Raybould

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