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Review: 'The Pukes'
'Never Mind The Buffet'   

-  Label: 'Hoo Ha Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '13.9.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'HH006'

Our Rating:
The Pukes are back with the bands latest album this time they have chosen to write all their own material rather than playing covers of there mates and heroes songs. They have also slimmed down to a lean and mean 5 piece, well not so mean when you have your tongue in your cheek as much at The Pukes invariably do.

From the opening All About You where they complain about a self-centered friend who only cares for number one it's clear this is cartoon punk made and played to be joined in with, the lyric booklet has all the chords you need.

One in A Million is a cool pop punk kind of love song that will make you want to clap along to it as they find that one who always does things their own way.

AC30 is a love song for the classic Amp that a few years ago would also be a plea to play at Club AC30 one of my favorite live promoters for a good while, this is full of hand-claps as they tell us how they are going to use that AC30, we may need to have a whip round and get them one, although I'm sure Clara and Debs would have a good dust up sorting out who plays through it.

No Time is all about how there has been no time like now and what it does to you, well we all know how they feel at the moment, this is still quite upbeat sounding as they ukes are almost being played ska or blue beat style.

Mind Games speeds things up a bit like they've just come up and are ready to really mess with each other's minds as they circle the one they love like they are prey, I wonder if they caught who they were after.

Polly is about the woman downstairs and what happened to her in a cool pop punk kitchen sink drama about how she was a punk but didn't know it a very cool song.

The Angel Of The North is a thank you to a guy who puts up bands in his bed while he takes the couch someone who would be a real god send for hard touring bands on a budget, and right from the count in this is made to sing the chorus too.

Zero hour is a good angry go at the people who think Zero hour contracts are a good idea and what it's like to live from contract to contract trying to earn a living wage.

Nobody You Know for some reason reminds me of Union City Blue as they tell us all bout that person they fell for that hasn't a clue who they are it's a rather sweet power pop punk vignette.

O.A.I.T.W. as I'm sure you all know stands for Old And In The Way for all the snotty kids who can't understand why anyone over 25 or whatever the age barrier you choose should be listening to the bands they like, I remember being like that in the 80's but well these days I am that old git who gets those looks so I love this song and being in the way is good.

You is a slower gentler song listing the attributes of someone they think shouldn't be following the crowd and getting the next bit of tech or whatever and no matter what happens they will be your shoulder to cry on almost like a mother talking to there kids when they leave home.

Google it Bitch is every bit as good a fight song as you could want, full on girl gang chorus as they throw down and make sure you know to Google It Bitch this is sharp street fighting song that's more than ready for a rumble, but lets face it most of us know The Pukes are gonna win that fight and you really should just give in and buy an album off them now.

The short tour to promote the album starts on the 13th Sept to find out about that and more about the album go to www.thepukes.co.uk www.facebook.com/thepukes
  author: simonovitch

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