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Review: 'Argonaut'
'Fuzzy Lovely'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '13th September 2019'

Our Rating:
Quirky Pixies-inspired funsome indie female-orientated fivesome unleash the first of three DIY single releases in the shape of ‘Fuzzy Lovely’. It’s a fitting title: it’s both fuzzy and lovely, a buoyant celebration of difference:

‘My lovely fuzzy lovely teddy full of broken glass, we drive to distant galaxies and life is just a blast! My lovely fuzzy lovely bed beneath the underpass, we party with the misfits, the velvet underclass!’ they sing with a frothing effervescence that foams along with fuzzed-out guitars and an excitable rhythm section that bounds along at an ebullient pace.

They say they espouse the riot grrrl ethic, and ‘Fuzzy Lovely’ crackles and hisses all the 90s lo-fi punk attitude you could want, and it’s so, so catchy, and packed into less than two and a half minutes, which in vintage single terms is golden.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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