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Review: 'Franc Cinelli'
'Night Songs'   

-  Label: 'Song Circle records'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '20.9.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'SCCD004'

Our Rating:
You probably need to be listening to the latest album but Franc Cinelli late at night in a candlelit room chilling out and relaxing and allowing this mostly gently acoustic music to wash over you. This is his follow up to the very cool Marvel Age that came out in 2015.

From the opener Adventure/Love where in sparse gentle territory that sounds a good bit like say Clem Snide or Nick Drake territory its beautiful and slightly sad but the acoustic guitar sounds pretty magical.

Stay strange is solid advice that we all need to live by and to not listen to anyone telling you otherwise. He wants her to know it's okay to be whoever you are, the strangest part of the song for me is the weird percussion that all seems to happen in a corner of the mix, this has a nice bruised feel to it.

Night Song feels a little out of place at 10.45 in the morning but would work as a lullaby as much as the love song that it is, quite sparse yes draws the listener in to want to spend the night with him, as he tips a sly nod at Brian Protheroe while singing like a latter day Leonard Cohen.

Fly seems to lighten the mood a little as Franc wants to settle a few matters and wants to leave and start again over some very pretty acoustic guitar.

Breathe opens with Chantal Brown bringing the gospel and re-working Wade In The water before Franc tells his story of why he feels he can't Breathe in your presence and how he needs to just breathe before the very mandolin like guitar comes in and the song slowly builds this is really the song you need to hear from this album.

Horses isn't the Patti Smith song but a very gentle acoustic plaintive song of love and escape. Four Walls is more of a pained shuffle and plea for his love to come back to him, not sure if it pleads enough for him to be able to escape those four walls and win her back but a man's got to try and some harmonica will help right.

Rave on isn't a rave tune much more like something on Bryter Later but with more of a bruised vocal very cool and gently moving. Walk With me Jimi actually sounds more like an old SE Rogie song with that palm wine guitar sound rather than a Hendrix number and has some cool references to Vincent Black Lightnings and has something of that Richard Thompson feel to it too a great song and Chantal Browns backing vocals help really make this song.

The album closes with Night Life a song that wants to steal as many cool lines from other songs as it can but too good effect in making a nice rumination on night life and the folk singers role in it, you know crying into your pint of real ale as the percussive edge of the drums almost take a normal dance beat to it and you really need to cut loose and go for it in the middle of the night easily the most upbeat song on the album and a great way to end the album with some almost sixties soundtrack style keyboards and a dramatic close.

Find out more at www.franccinelli.com
  author: simonovitch

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