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Review: 'Golden Ghost'
'The Big Sleep: Future'   

-  Label: 'Epifo'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '16.8.19.'

Our Rating:
This is Golden Ghost's first new album for 7 years that Laura Goetz the bands main woman has spent travelling in Tibet, India and Colorado. This album is apparently the second installment of her new work and the bands fifth album.

The album opens with the ethereal and rather dreamy Two Universes that features a plucked viola to help make it feel like this is chamber float away music as the story slowly unfolds over just under 9 minutes of stripped back beauty.
Immortal is just as sparsely beautiful and stripped back and in the same territory as Evi Vine or Hope Sandoval as it gently draws you into the world that's being dissected in the lyrics.

Killer Whales Dream is slow gentle and just as melancholic and beautiful as anything on this very laid-back album. Precipice is what this album is teetering on will the listener really love it and be totally involved, or will they find the extremely slow pace to be a perfect sleeping pill and just drift off, well either way they'll still appreciate just how nice it sounds.

Sadly Fata Morgana isn't a cover of the Nico song of the same name but is about the jauntiest thing on the album it picks up the pace and adds some cool keyboard sounds as well as the plucked strings as another tale unfolds.

Dying to The World is the only short piece on the album and almost feels like an interlude it's very gentle and ghostly. After The Anthropocene however stretches out over 10 minutes from its initial voices and strings beginnings as a story of loneliness unfolds.

For listeners who haven't been lulled to sleep by this point Ash Planet doesn't deviate from the hushed and very sedate pace of the rest of the album, another tale slowly wraps itself around your brain as you sit slowly slouching further into the sofa.

No Roses is seemingly even slower than most of the album really carefully plucked at a barely there pace as Laura once again spills her heart out and almost utters a profanity to stir the listener to check she really sang Piss a word so out of keeping with the bucolic beauty of this album as to fair leap out at me while this relationship has floundered and perished.

The album closes with Little Rabbit No. 3 who has clearly fallen asleep for lack of carrots, as expected this is another slow beautiful rumination and story to close a very nice album that for me is just a little bit too slow and gentle, but if you like slow gentle albums you will love this album.

Find out more at https://heygoldenghost.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR3e6GkJDAT70VlbN9UGHCvmD2IvQd8vm9j-0upLIuHY0anmxwGGih7j640 or https://www.facebook.com/heygoldenghost/
  author: simonovitch

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