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Review: 'Art Terry'
'Sex Madness'   

-  Label: 'Alt Soul Records'
-  Genre: 'Soul' -  Release Date: '1.11.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'Altsoul 01'

Our Rating:
This Cd claims on it's cover that it's "Rated XX for mature audiences only" so if that's not your thing look away now Ethel as things are about to get down dirty and downright salacious as Art Terry explores his filthy side and sits naked on a Yamaha piano on the cover. Art Terry may be best known for his long running and excellent radio show Is Black music on Resonance FM but has also been making weird and odd and often very cool music for a long time too both in his native Los Angeles and London and all points in-between.

The album opens with the short Theme from Sex Madness that has a nice Blaxploitation feel to it before the epic lust and desperation of Can't Get No Pussy a brass led funky soul rumination on why you can't get what you want and need and desire and is the only thing on your mind all the time as a teenager, not that Art Terry or his right hand man and producer and musical maestro and in this case co-writer on this song on the album Raphael Mann are close to being teenagers. But as the song goes on Art starts to explore why he's reached that point in his life where he wants a relationship rather than another one-night stand and why actually being friends with someone is a turn off.

Ask Her is a folky funk song about making sure to ask her what her desires are before you make your first move so you know your close to being on the same page and don't embarrass yourself by undressing when she wants you to keep your clothes on while also channeling the type of preacher who wants to worship pussy as much as he worships god and the song gets increasingly wild like they are dancing madly in the aisles with half the congregation repeatedly singing Ask Her.

Madame Baby starts of nice and bucolic while Art asks if he can settle down with a girl he met in his local community before he was estranged from said community for having a filthy mind and daring to go outside the confines of the community. The story then takes a good few lyrical turns that question how you ended up where you are.

Casual Sex explores all sorts of pick up routines in search of a quick thrill, musically it's flute led soul folk with all sorts of weird noises and whispered voices chattering away while the deed gets done the backing vocals are full of sighs and yearning sounds as the strings pick up. Your answer to the question "do you think Casual Sex is fine?" may affect how much you like this song.

Pimp starts off sparse and then builds into a funky soul stew with Art singing from the point of view of the Pimp and talking about his stable of Foxy ladies not that he uses language like that. When the brass stabs come in, he starts almost rapping or talking like Barry White as a pimp this is edgy and explores the dangers involved.

Sex Magic is as libidinous as you'd expect as Art begs and pleads and tells her how he wants it so to speak but mainly just the actual sex is the magic that changes her feelings and well this is quite stirring and yes she likes it a lot and so should you yes every night and in the morning if you can.

Sex Madness closes the album with some bonkers digital computer noises and keyboards noises as Sex Madness is repeated as often as they can as the skittery percussion gets going and you want to hear this at enormous volume in the dark room of a particularly kinky club as the panting and humping sounds really get going and we all try to have a communal orgasm to finish this album off properly but of course this song gets well weird like a bad come down after a massive orgasm.

If you like your music sex obsessed, then find out more at www.artterry.co.uk
  author: simonovitch

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