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Review: 'Theatre Royal'
'Incidental Friend EP'   

-  Label: 'Vacilando 68 Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '22nd November 2019'

Our Rating:
Theatre Royal are one of those acts who’ve sustained an existence almost by stealth. Medway masters of indie/pop Theatre Royal have been going for what feel like forever now in today’s accelerated world, first receiving coverage at W&H back in 2012. And here they still are, as am I. There’s a certain comfort in this.

But what of the EP itself? With an unusual release schedule of a track per week throughout November, there’s unquestionably a safety in knowing the band’s trajectory so far, and the solidity of the songwriting that’s characterised their every work to date is still very much in evidence here. Nothing overtly flashy, just an attention to detail, simple but effective arrangements and strong melodies.

The title track starts as a simple acoustic song that builds to a lilting, loping harmony-soaked melody-led tune with an underlying sadness. The last track, ‘September Comes’ brings a shift, combining 60s pop, psych and adding a tinge of flamenco to compelling effect. In between, they sandwich a brace of bracing indie tunes, with the bracing stomp of ‘Turn from Sleep’ being bright and breezy and the acoustic guitar and piano-led ‘Done is Done’ is more ponderous and folksy before strings swell to being a sense of grandeur at the finale.

As a flavour of their fifth album, due early next year, it’s got plenty of promise, and meanwhile serves as a reminder of just how good Theatre Royal are.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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