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Review: 'Fatbirds, The'
'Leaving Tonight'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '20th January 2020'

Our Rating:
My first thought on seeing this release is of ‘Mary Poppins’: the scene where the bank’s elder scoffs at young Michel’s wish to feed the bird at a cost of tuppence aa bag rather than investing his pennies in the capitalist machine. ‘Feed the birds, and what have you got? Fat birds! He exclaims. The cruel, capitalist twat. Turns out we need nature more than we need capitalism, and the birds, the bees, the koalas, and most wildlife is suffering while we continue to rape the planet for fossil fuels and palm oil.

I digress: the Belgian quartet proffer ‘a fusion of indie, pop, and rock’, and a single cut that ‘radiates an intimate and melancholic vibe’, and it’s a mid-tempo tune with all the minor chords, that’s some kind of crossover between indie rock and sad troubadour. It’s pleasant, and while it’s not engaging enough to entice me to delve into the lyrics, it passes a fraction under three minutes of time with a sweet sadness that’s somehow wistful and refreshing in its airy melodicism.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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