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Review: 'HMS Morris'

-  Label: 'Bubblewrap Collective'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '7th February 2020'

Our Rating:
‘The impetus for writing ‘Babanod’ was the awkward moment in your friend’s wedding when someone feels compelled to reassure you that “you’ll be next”. In that situation, surrounded by married couples and young children, how do you assert your right to a slightly alternative lifestyle, something other than just moving directly from graduation to marriage to parenthood, without sounding like a total dick? Better to smile, bottle it up, and release it in a song when you get home’.

Released for Welsh Music day and sung in Welsh, this is largely lost on me, but that in no way diminishes my capacity to appreciate the tune, and a cracking tune it is, too. Beginning with wibbly, slightly crunchy analogue Krautrock-influenced synth stroll before bursting into a soaring cinematic chorus. It’s not every day I’m reminded of Vangelis or Garbage, but ‘Babanod’ combines the stylings of the former with the vibe and alternative pop-savviness of the latter, and it’s all good, even the psychedelic guitar solo.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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