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Review: 'Lucid Child'
'Unknown Universe'   

-  Label: 'Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '21.2.20'

Our Rating:
Lucid Child is just Jonah Moon Gallon who plays produces samples and everything else. He is apparently from the Bakersfield music scene and no he doesn't sing about the streets of Bakersfield Like Dwight Yoakam. This being drenched in more modern sounds and drugs to the ones Dwight was on and seeing as he's now based in Portland where this album was recorded it might reflect that.

From the opening Opposites Intro that's under a minute long it's clear this album is going to be on the more out their end of things it has a dubby almost Avalanches feel to it.

Lucy Chill is full on distorted guitars and layers of weirdness with treated vocals and not in a Autotune way more that they have some effects on them as the song mutates and splinters somewhat like he's just coming up on some weird drugs, or at least the sort of modern drugs old gits like me don't take that make a black sabbath style bass riff just the thing to build all the madness around.

The Mighty opens like it might be a techno dance floor filler with some sparse drum and bass style stuff going on before the squelchy noises kick in and take us into Prog goes dance territory like they want to update what Hans Lundin was doing in Sweden in the early 80's although you may need to scoff a good few Adderalls for this to truly make sense as it goes all breakbeat gone wrong on us towards the end.

Universe that closes side one of the vinyl opens like it's trying to sound like a Spiritualized comedown song before slowly getting weirder as the drums come in and the squiggly guitar parts start to build and take us on a good weird journey whose samples make it sound very early nineties even if the music really could only come from the twenty teens.

The B-side opens with Bones that sounds to me like it's somewhere between Marshmallow Coast and Brain Wizards if anyone has heard those two obscure recent acts who I guess like similar drugs to Lucid Child.

Dreaming In A Walking Land has a cool almost dubby feel to a funky tune that has been re-worked into a dystopian funk weirdness that could have been on Ze records back in the day odd and interesting.

Movie Life has loads of layers and odd noises and the most conventional vocals of anything on this album so that you might actually be able to sing along with this song as all the mad noises kick off and you try to figure out where you know the different parts from including at least one Symphony that's been stolen from or are they all movie soundtrack clips worked into something new and frightening/lovely dependent on the listeners viewpoint.

The album closes with Opposites that reprises that Avalanches style sound and fleshes it out with some cool squelchy noises and odd guitar figures bring to a close a rather out there and interesting album for the more sonically adventurous among you.
Find out more at www.lucidchild.com or https://lucid-child.bandcamp.com/releases
  author: simonovitch

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