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Review: 'Pedaljets'
'Twist The Lens'   

-  Label: 'Electric Moth Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '14.2.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'EMR003C'

Our Rating:
Kansas City legends The Pedaljets are back with the bands first new album in 6 years that continues the bands now 36 year long career and the nearly men of grungy scuzzy rock with Indie paisley powerpop leanings.

The album bursts out of the speakers with the opening Disassociation Blues that seems to be grasping the nettle of how we have to be in these most dissassociative of times and they do it through the medium of urgent paisley blues indie rock with good vocals and insistent guitars.

Placid City Girl reminds me of Matthew Sweet circa Girlfriend it almost has a dreamy power pop feel to it nice and laid back with cool Chiming guitars and nice harmony backing vocals.

Down Town is not a cover of any other song of that name but an urgent slice of indie pop with some really nifty guitar and insistent vocals.

Uncounted Heads sounds to me almost like a plea to remember all the lost people no one cares or counts anymore the dispossessed and forgotten homeless strewn across tent cities and they wonder if they are with the uncounted heads or not.

Loved a Stone sounds like they are asking if you love your drugs and the high they give rather than a real person and it's a fair question many of us have asked of ourselves over the years, I'd have to say yes for myself at certain times. This really goes at a pace that is indicative that they love uppers rather than downers.

Transfer Is Done is slower and more thoughtful sounding while you may ask is it the transfer for a new tattoo or the transfer to a secure unit or prison they are singing about, I'll leave it to the listeners to figure that out as the guitars go off and it has the least conventional sound on the album so far a cool and interesting song that joins the small genre of songs to mention flossing your teeth.

This Is Sepsis has the best guitar mangling on the album some wonderful twisted sounds that thankfully don't sound like you'll end up losing a leg to that sepsis this is a properly twisted and darkly majestic tune.

One Away is a song named after a whole genre of reggae music that sounds like it isn't familiar with the concept but instead wants to be One Away from being and indie grunge rock song with a nicely claustrophobic not quite power pop edge to it and of course great coruscating guitars.

Sleepy Girl could be a date rape cautionary tale and also a song that reminds be a bit of the Hoodoo Gurus as they talk about a girl they wake up next too who doesn't remember there name as she sleep walks round the local mini-mart.

Twist the lens is as well as being the title track a sort of sideways twisted look at how much they want that girl in the Gingham dress to notice them and talk to them it's a pretty urgent plea for love and its redemptive qualities.

What Only Cats Chase is the slow almost ballad like song that makes me want to make the sort of comparison I never make to a band it's not worth comparing anyone too, so I won't. But this is very clever almost orchestral chamber pop that as well as the obvious influence is also reminiscent of Scott Walker in places.

The album closes with The Fader that isn't an argument over who controls the faders in the studio thankfully but another rather nifty slice of angsty indie rock that reminds me a bit of The Miracle 3.

This album is well worth hearing find out more at www.thepedaljets.com www.facebook.com/pedaljets
  author: simonovitch

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